Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fake Samsung 64GB microSD card

Fake Samsung 64GB microSD card from and
- China's Alibaba spent $160m fighting fake goods
- Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Puma and other fashion brands sue Alibaba over 'counterfeit goods'

Original 64GB microSD card should be inside the package with info: 64GB.
Fake microSD card is inside the fake package 
with typos and wrong volume 2- 32GB

3.7GB of 64GB is only good memory. 
Below photos show different packages of the fake Samsung 64GB microSD cards from and 

Typos: 'Fomat' instead of 'Format'; 'samsung' instead of 'Samsung'; 'menorycard' instead of 'memorycard'

Testing (H2testw): 3.7GB instead of 64GB
Compare: H2testw testing of the good 64GB microSD card

All these cards are selling on,,, for cheaper price than original from Samsung Corporation.
Don't buy it to support an illegal profit of the sellers from and
Download  H2testw to test your SD card or Flash drive.

From SAMSUNG Customer Support Center:
"I truly apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced recently with the website and with the fake SD card that you purchased from a company misrepresenting Samsung. . Your concerns are indeed taken very seriously, and the web master has been notified about your concerns."  

Don't waist your money to buy any well-known brand electronics from and All well-known brand electronics are fake if seller doesn't have authorized permission from well-known company.